Ahead of the Curve Test

As GLAAD states, “more LGBTQ people of color, characters with disabilities, transgender and non-binary characters, those of different religions and faiths, body types, more queer women, characters who are asexual, and others will only fuel Hollywood’s future success.”

The AHEAD OF THE CURVE film team created the Ahead of the Curve Test, their own version of the Bechdel test, specifically designed to look at queer women and non-binary characters in film. The Ahead of the Curve Test has a simple two-step process. For films that feature queer women and/or non-binary people, it asks that they:

  1. are focused on more than coming out
  2. aren’t reduced to stereotypes
    (Bonus points if the people in front of and behind the camera are queer or non-binary.)

Films that pass the test help broaden and deepen representation beyond the stories that reduce lesbian and queer women to stereotypes. This test is not intended to be used as a weapon to shame. Films that don’t pass are not to be condemned. Rather, the test is intended as a tool for conversation, a barometer to help us see which films are pushing the movement forward and where we need to put more attention.